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Our Story


We are Jeff and Sonya Main and we own a small farm in Pontotoc, Mississippi. We purchased our land in 2017 and because it was cut-over and grown up, we decided to purchase some goats to help clear the property. In the Fall of 2017 we bought a herd of 12 goats. A year later, we were having babies and were in love. We realized the goats were therapeutic, finding ourselves sitting in the goat pen loving on the babies and watching them play. People started asking us if we were using the milk for anything. I honestly hadn’t thought about that. Once I started researching everything that the milk could be used for, the crafter in me went into overdrive.  I realized the goats milk was great for the skin and started by making some soap. I posted a few pictures on Facebook and instantly knew I was on to something. A young lady who was dating my son at the time, Lexi, was eager to jump in and help. We instantly became a team and a business was born. Since that time, with a lot of trial and error, we have finally developed a wonderful line of products which include a bar soap, moisturizing hand and body lotion, sugar scrub and a brand new item, a luxurious bath soak. Our products can be currently purchased in a few boutiques in Arkansas and Mississippi and of course through our webpage. We are always looking to expand into more gift shops and boutiques. If you are interested in becoming a wholesaler, send us a message.

Tobey and Boomer

We were told that we needed guardian dogs for our herd. Because we live in the country, we needed something that would protect our herd from predators. We bought Tobey and Boomer from a friend in October 2019. They are brothers from the same litter. Before getting these two dogs, we often heard coyotes off in the distance when we were outside at night.  Not so much anymore. Although, these two bark A LOT and wake us up at night, we don’t hear coyotes anymore. When they get in trouble, I call them Beavis and Butthead because they are like having 2 more children. They love to play in the many springs we have on the property and their white coats are often red from the bottom of their feet to just below their nose. (we have a lot of red dirt on the farm)

Gabi’s picture

Gabi is one of first goats, coming in with the original herd. She is approximately 9 years old and is a wonderful mama. She is so patient and loving to every baby she has ever had. When we first started learning to milk goats, she would stick her head in the stall and patiently stand there while we milked her. Of course, she was being fed so she didn’t mind this at all. And she LOVES animal crackers as a treat!  If she ran out of feed and we were still milking, she would get animal crackers. Who wouldn’t love a setup like this? She didn’t have any of the other goats stealing her feed AND she got treats.  Anyway, because she was such a good milker, she became the namesake for our business.  She is a beautiful goat, I mean look at those horns!  

Our Media and Webpage Manager

Our daughter Jennifer Main is currently working on her Master's from the University of Arkansas in Educational Technology. We decided to ask her to build and manage  our webpage as well as manage our social media.

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